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Hydrogen;from electrolysis of water, decentralised;production mix, at tanking nozzle;gaseous hydrogen, 440 bar, 99,995 % purity, at max. 85°C
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Energy carriers / Other non-renewable energy carriers
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This data sets was generated to demonstrate the applicability of the guidance document developed within the FC-HyGuide project rather than to provide an ILCD compliant data set. Therefore consider/use this data set for demonstration purposes only (not for LCI modelling)! The data set represents a cradle to gate scenario for the production of gaseous hydrogen at 440 bar for mobile applications as used by end consumers at the hydrogen filling station. It includes the manufacturing, the maintenance, the operation and the end of life of all hydrogen production and supply units, i.e. all burdens and credits (associated with the recycling of the facilities) are considered. If comparing hydrogen as a fuel in mobile applications with other fuels (e.g. fossil fuels), the operation phase of the fuel usage/internal combustion engine/fuel cell MUST be included due to the nearly "emission free" conversion of hydrogen within the fuel cell into propulsion energy. The data set is not to be used if only fuel to fuel supply comparisons are conducted. --> Hence, data set is suitable for well-to-wheel analyses only.
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The data set covers all relevant process steps / technologies over the supply chain of the represented well-to-tank inventory with a good overall data quality. The inventory is mainly based on industry data and is complemented, where necessary, by secondary data from literature. Data quality for electrolyser and hydrogen supply units life cycle are good to very good; direct industry data from electrolyser and hydrogen supply unit producers and operators are used. Material and energy inputs including upstream processes are based on industry data, statistical data and various literature sources. Electricity generation is modelled by European data on the basis of statistical grid mixes as well as detailed information from power plant operating companies.
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  • Allocation - exergetic content
  • Allocation - market value
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    The internal review was done by several iteration steps concerning raw data validation, raw data documentation, representativity, completeness and consistency of modelling with regard to ISO 14040 and 14044. The review of the documentation is in compliance with ISO 14040 and 14044. The data set documentation is correct in view of the appropriateness of the information provided. It includes all relevant information in view of data quality and scope of application of the respective LCI result.

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The data set can be used free of charge by anybody to perform LCA studies, to distribute it to third parties, to convert it to other formats, to develop own data sets etc. as long as the copyright and license conditions for the data sets and the ILCD format are met that can be accessed via Please note that e.g. reference must be given to the 'Owner of data set' when using the data set or parts thereof. Please note also, that any modifications/omissions of the data set results in invalidity of any existing 'Official approval of data set by producer/operator', that the impression must be avoided that this would still be a complete ILCD conform and valid data set, and that the content of further fields has to be adjusted. For details see the aforementioned copyright and license conditions.)
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Provision of 1 MJ (=0.008333 kg) gaseous hydrogen at 440 bar with 99,995 % purity at max. 85°C for mobile applications.
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      ILCD format 1.1
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      • ILCD Data Network - Entry-level (Overall compliance: Not compliant)