Project Approach:
Preperation, Consultation, Review and Dissimination of the guidance document

In order to ensure the acceptance and applicability of the guidance document (includes both guidance documents: on hydrogen production and fuel cell technologies) a strong and active involvement of relevant stakeholders and public consultation was foreseen in the following way:



The Technical Expert Group:
FC-HyGuide project members and invited members of the European Hydrogen Association (EHA)

Support of the guidance document development from an technical perspective

The Advisory Board / Review Panel:
Independent external experts associated to the project
• JRC-IES Platform on LCA: Kirana Chomkhamsri (expert in all belongings regarding ILCD - advisory board only)

• TU Berlin: Prof. Dr. Matthias Finkbeiner (expert in energy, transportation and ISO standard 14040 and 14044)
• GIGA: Dr. Pere Fullana (Prof. and expert in EPD and PCRs and ILCD topics)
• MiBo Consult: Michael Bode (former MD of CFC Solutions, expert in Fuel Cells)
Advices in the process of the Guidance Document development and review of the developed guidance document

The Public:
In principle all interested people